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10 Years in 2 Hours

2 min


This is the one and only offer I'm going to make all year.

I'm sharing the single most impactful process I know for building serious momentum toward your goals...

...And I'm SO certain you're going to love it, I'm offering a no-questions-asked BETTER-THAN money back guarantee.

If that doesn't sound interesting, feel free to skip this email.

Just don't hit me up about it later. :-)

My Personal End of Year Review masterclass is now available.

I had 30 people sign up to experience the process live, and the results have been awesome.

This is the single most important thing I do all year. This process has been critical in my personal growth and success.

This Personal End of Year Review process has helped me:

And more.

It sounds like hyperbole, but I don't know where I'd be without this process. It has literally saved my life.

In this short online session I provide everything you need to get started right away. I provide a complete walkthrough, PLUS a workbook to keep everything together.

The first 50 people to purchase it will also receive a super-secret bonus. I won't tell you what it is, but I can tell you it's worth more than you're paying for the entire course. :-)

On the fence? Here's what Taia had to say about the live session:

"Dan’s end of year review course was just what I needed to reflect back on this past year and take an in depth look at what I have accomplished and what patterns of behavior are present in my life that hold me back from getting where I want to go. He had us ask some very thought provoking questions which I would not otherwise stop to ask myself. His honesty about his own struggles while creating a system for measuring his progress toward reaching his goals makes him very relatable and enjoyable to learn from."

I am so certain that you will love this class, that if you complete the workbook and don't feel like you got enough value from it, I'll refund your purchase in full AND let you keep the course.

The cost is $35. If you're in, just click the button below to go check out at

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