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Nothing Comes From Nothing

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Parmenides was the first to coin the phrase:

Ex Nihilio, Nihil Fit.


nothing comes from nothing.

There is no smooth, definitive break between a universe in which a thing did not exist and the universe in which it does.

The building blocks had to exist before the finished product; the idea had to exist before the plan; the inkling had to exist before the idea...

And on, and on.

I'm not making claims to any kind of grand philosophical truth, just sharing my experience.

Here's what nothing comes from nothing means to me:

Everything I need to create the life I want, I already have.

We desire what others desire. It's highly unlikely that your ideal life is unique - someone, somewhere, is probably living that ideal life right now.

That means that your ideal life is possible.

Because it's possible, we know that the things you need to make that life a reality must also exist. The building blocks precede the finished product.

The strategies, the beliefs, the connections - these must exist...

...because your ideal life already exists,

...and nothing comes from nothing.

If they exist, you can find them. You can learn them. You can master them - or adapt them to your special circumstances.

If you can learn them, you can start learning them today.

And if you can start learning them today, then in some way, you already possess them.

It's simply your choice not to exercise them.

Maybe it's easier not to. Or maybe you're afraid of achieving your dream, only to find out you're still not happy. Maybe it's not all it's cracked up to be. Or maybe, by defining success, you're also defining failure.

It doesn't matter why you're making that choice. It's still a choice.

Because you can live your ideal life,

and nothing comes from nothing,

you MUST have what it takes.

It might be difficult to pull it out of yourself - painful, even. It might be the rational decision to push those dreams aside.

But if you never achieve what you wanted to achieve, it won't be because you couldn't.

Because nothing comes from nothing.




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