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What's it like working with me? Hear from real clients and students.

“I spent a good majority of my life ridiculed by productivity. All my efforts focused on achieving more, and more, and more. For what purpose? To eventually feel like I was enough.
I remember when I first spoke with Dan I thought my intention of hypnosis was to serve my ability to do more with ease. Particularly in the realm of writing. For this is the work I create and give back to the world. But what I didn’t realize until about session 2 or 3 is that what I actually wanted was to release the build up of noise that constantly harped on me for never working hard enough. I realized I could care less about accolades, achievements and what I could prove of myself.. or at least I wanted to care less. I simply didn’t believe it to be possible. Watching tv always felt like I was doing something inherently wrong. Free time always had to be filled.
After my third session I started to notice, not how much I was writing, but how little I focused on my worth being attached to the writing. This is the most priceless gift I could be offered. To wake up each day excited to be alive, not drug by a militant voice that reminds of that I’m ‘never enough.’ To trust that I will be guided to create, never forced.
Dan is such a wonderfully caring human who actually wants to see people free from their inner demons. I know this because it takes a person who cares to sit and ask the questions that makes the other person see what they can’t get see.
Although I may have felt some initial skepticism about this method of hypnosis, largely because of how many “methods” I’ve tried.. ie: meditation, therapy, somatic work, etc.. I am confident that the effects are palpable and worth every moment.“

Courtney Ballard

“I cannot recommend Dan enough! He helped me to foster a deeper transformation within myself and even after one session, I suddenly felt untethered to what I see now as the "old" version of me. It's worth mentioning that prior to working with Dan, I heavily immersed myself in affirmations, meditation, self-help books, etc. While they all were beneficial in one way or the other, my session with Dan took it to the next level and undoubtedly altered the way I see myself in the world. If you're serious about transforming unhelpful habits and thought patterns, then schedule a session with Dan. It has been by far one of the most important things I've ever done for my overall sense well-being.”

Sam Marandola

"Dan is the man! Since working with Dan, things have been different in a fantastic way. Unlocks come more frequently and things flow in a way they have not done in the past. There has been more clarity and ease unilaterally across business, family, and self. This trifecta could not have come at a better time for me. If you want to make a quantum leap in all areas, working with Dan and the process he has developed is the key you have been looking for! Thank you Dan for such an incredible unlock and quantum leap!"

Jeff Merck

I rarely write testimonials, but I'm genuinely blown away by this course. For me, it has opened a door to a world of self-discovery (or rediscovery) that was truly unimaginable before.

Before I delve into specifics, I want to address the elephant in the room. The term "Hypnosis" might be a deterrent for some, as it was for me. However, I encourage you not to let it dissuade you from engaging with the course. If it helps, think of it as self-guided meditation or even self-therapy.

Now onto the points:

1. Mind-Altering Tool:
Self-Hypnosis is a great tool for changing one’s mind. If you struggle to alter deep-rooted behavior patterns, have a bad habit you can't break, or a good one you can't maintain, then this course is for you. "Unlocking Self-Hypnosis" equips you with the tools to navigate and reshape your mindset, offering practical solutions for overcoming challenges.

2. Scientific Integrity:
One remarkable aspect of this course is its steadfast commitment to steering clear of any "woo-woo" pseudoscience. Dan ensures that the content is grounded in evidence-based practices, fostering a sense of credibility and trust throughout the learning process.

3. Personalization and Creativity:
Unlike rigid, one-size-fits-all programs, Dan adopts a refreshing approach. Instead of providing a premade system to blindly follow, he generously shares his knowledge, explaining various approaches and the mechanisms behind them. His consistent encouragement to personalize the material, experiment, and be creative empowers each participant to make the techniques their own.

4. Exceptional Teaching Style:
Dan's teaching style is nothing short of exceptional. He delivers lessons with clarity and engagement, demystifying complex concepts. His honesty and straightforwardness create an environment of trust, and above all, his empathetic and sincere approach fosters a supportive learning community.

This a transformative experience guided by a knowledgeable and empathetic mentor. My journey with Dan has given me valuable tools to enhance my well-being, and I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking positive and lasting change in their lives.

Fyodor Znak

I entered this course curious yet skeptical of hypnosis, and leave it with a concrete example of behavioral change in my life along with a newfound passion for this practice.

I have tried to reduce the time I spend on my phone for years with no progress. However, over this month-long course, and working with Dan, I have been able to reduce time spent on my phone by 50%.

However, my greatest revelation from the course is a newfound sense of freedom and possibility now that I've realized there is a way for me to regain control over my own mind, rather than feeling buffeted about by unconscious thoughts, emotions, and desires. I am eagerly integrating hypnosis into my life to further explore my inner self and more closely align my behavior with my personal values.

Harrison Preusse

I've found Dan's Critical Path course incredibly helpful and intriguing (from someone who knew very little about hypnosis going in) and there's definitely a few practices I am trying to incorporate into my day-to-day life.

When dealing with our mental health it can often feel too overwhelming (or even futile) to try and come up with a strategy or plan to tackle these issues that often feel omnipresent and a big part of who we are as a person. This course has given me several, simple and easy-to-practice strategies that I can employ to make the (admittedly huge) journey of self-improvement at least a little bit more tangible.

I had no idea that hypnosis could be used as a tool to focus on long-term life goals as well as a way of communicating with our sub-conscious and understanding what the sensations in our body are trying to tell us.

Thank you very much, Dan!

Adam Laval

Dan is a compassionate and insightful teacher of hypnosis. Hypnosis can seem daunting, but he walks you through the process in a way that is easy to understand and easy to practice. He intends on delivering results and helping people feel comfortable so that they can use what they know to achieve the desired result. Personally speaking, I found the course materials to be very detailed and not only did they help me find what I need to work on using hypnosis, they have also helped me iron out specific things I need to work on in general to create positive change. Dan also does a great job at helping everyone feel welcome in the class and to feel comfortable with the progress that they’re making. Don’t skip out on his classes! I highly recommend them.

Epiphany Love

The Self-Hypnosis course was very informative and well thought out. The work book alone is filled with amazing stuff. Dan provided a lot of opportunities to ask questions and encouraged us to share our experiences with others. He fostered an atmosphere of warmth which I deeply appreciated. It felt safe to go on this journey with him and the others in the class. His insights and willingness to share his own personal experiences also helped it all feel more approachable. I really loved this class and hope to do other critical path courses in the future. Thanks, Dan!


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