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Watch this video to learn more about what to expect from your Exploration Call...

You did it! Thanks for scheduling your Hypnosis Exploration Call.

You've been emailed a calendar invite with Zoom/conferencing information attached.

Please be sure you are able to take this call seated, in a quiet place with good internet/audio, and with your camera on.

As a "Thank You" for taking the first step towards your transformation, I'll be emailing you a FREE Hypnosis Mini-Course over the next few days.

It's called Hypnosis Fast Track: Unlocking Your Potential. This course provides insight into how hypnosis works, and will help to maximize the benefits you receive from hypnosis generally.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Exploration Call that you might be wondering about...

What exactly can I expect during the Hypnosis Exploration call?

During our call, you'll get a personalized introduction to how hypnosis can transform your life. Expect a lively discussion about your goals, obstacles, as well as some fun hypnosis experiments to see which approaches work best for you. It's not a one-size-fits-all; it's a bespoke experience designed to illuminate your path towards self-improvement.

How long is the exploration call, and what do I need to prepare?

The call typically lasts about an hour. I book them for 90 minutes just in case we go over.

There's no need for extensive preparation. Just come as you are, with a clear idea of what you'd like to achieve or change in your life. If you have specific challenges in mind, jot them down so we can dive right into how hypnosis can help address them.

Is hypnosis safe? What if I've never been hypnotized before?

Absolutely! Hypnosis is a safe, science-backed technique for self-improvement and mental health. If you're new to hypnosis, this call is the perfect starting point. We'll explore any concerns you have and introduce hypnosis in a way that's comfortable and exciting for you.

What makes your approach different from other personal development methods?

Our unique blend of evidence-based hypnosis, biofeedback, and self-hypnosis training is specifically tailored to foster rapid and profound change. Unlike traditional methods that might offer temporary fixes, we aim for lasting transformation, focusing on empowering you to master your mental and emotional landscape.

What if I'm skeptical about hypnosis?

Great! I was skeptical about hypnosis as well (that's putting it mildly - I was actually 100% convinced hypnosis was nonsense!).

Our exploration call is a chance to address any doubts directly. You'll learn about the science behind hypnosis, witness its potential firsthand, and understand how it can be a powerful tool for personal development, all without any pressure or expectation.

How do I know if I'm a good candidate for this type of personal development?

If you're seeking meaningful change, looking to overcome personal challenges, or simply wish to elevate your quality of life, you're likely a great fit. Our exploration call will help us determine how hypnosis can specifically benefit you, ensuring our approach aligns with your aspirations and lifestyle.

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