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Tutorial: Using Zapier and OpenAI to Process Your Snail Mail

Daniel Barrett
Daniel Barrett
1 min read
Tutorial: Using Zapier and OpenAI to Process Your Snail Mail

Another experiment with OpenAI, because why not?

There's lots of hype about using AI to write blog posts and long-form content, but I actually think most of that is overblown. Who wants to read the world's most vanilla content? Who wants to read something where the author literally can't care?

I think the actual high-value element of OpenAI's API, right now, is in extremely flexible formatting, editing, summarization, etc. I use all those capabilities in this automation.

Here was my problem: I wanted a fast, easy way to:

  • process mail so I could get it off the kitchen counter, BUT
  • keep copies of the mail for later reference, AND
  • have the entire database be searchable so I could find things when I needed them.

Very hard to do with existing systems unless you're only processing very specific forms of mail (like receipts or bills). With AI, the whole things get much easier and much more flexible.

Check out the video walkthrough:

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

(and, if you'd like some help applying these tools to your own business or processes, hit me up).

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