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Weekly Roundup: January 7th, 2022

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This Week on Better Questions


End of Year Review, 2021

This was a tough one, but a good one.

Something On My Radar:

My wife very kindly got me an Oculus Rift for Christmas. If you've got any suggestions for games, let me know!

Warning: Games where I have to move too much give me the tummy troubles. :-)

Meditations On Moloch

A classic. Returning to this over the past week has meant a lot of staring into space. One of those pieces that just sticks in your intellectual craw.

Signaling is a shortcut - if they signal, update downwards

Really cool idea/mental model. The harder someone is working to convince you of something, the more you should adjust the probability of that person following through. in the opposite direction.

How to Flourish: Practical Activities Supported by Scientific Research

Nothing's going to blow your mind here, but really, the search for some magical "new" thing is a dead end.

In reality, it's more useful to be told the things you already know over and over until you actually act on them. (As always, "you" meaning "me.")

run your own race

A wonderful little essay on self-validation.

"Run your own race, as in: you set certain standards for yourself, and you focus on meeting them. When you meet them, you’re proud of yourself. When you don’t, you urge yourself to try harder. You don’t question your standards based on what anyone else is doing. You don’t look over at someone else’s race and think, I’m doing a bad job because you’re going faster. You just focus on your own pace."

Bayesian Willpower

From the Beeminder blog. A really interesting take on what willpower actually is.

Highly recommend Beeminder, by the way. Great app run by people who really care about commitment devices.

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