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Weekly Roundup: March 25th, 2022

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This Week on Better Questions


Thinking At Work, Part 1: Systems

Dan waxes philosophical about....managing ads.

Something On My Radar:

Turning Red (now streaming on Disney+)

First off, this movie is absolutely fantastic.

Secondly, how the hell does an organization like Pixar just continue to knock everything it does out of the park? Really?

See this week's essay on company culture. This kind of thing blows my mind more and more the older I get.

Government Is Flailing, in Part Because Liberals Hobbled It

Ezra Klein on why governments often move so slowly to address obvious climate issues. In many cases, they are held back by legislation that was originally put in place to curb corporate and government excesses.

Second and third order consequences are a real pain, eh?

The Internet Is Just Investment Banking Now

Interesting think piece on the "dark side of web3" - everything is a commodity, and everything exists to be sold...whether it has any intrinsic value or not.

Preparing for Defeat

Could Putin be headed for a massive defeat? If so, what happens after? This could perhaps be tagged as the "optimistic" view.

Why isn’t crypto an effective hedge?

Bitcoin is like gold, right? seems to lose value when chaotic things occur, which is sort of, like...the opposite?

Surrealist Makeup


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