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Weekly Review: June 3, 2022

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This Week on Better Questions


Talking Tough.

In which we discuss...discussing. How to have tough conversations.

Something On My Radar:

Sex Education (NSFW language, FYI)

It's on Netflix.

Recommended by my therapist, and it's....really, really good. Hard to watch at times (for the awkwardness, as one might imagine), but if you want a comedy with a good heart, I'd recommend it.

It does deal with explicit sexual themes and so on. Keep that in mind.

Dangerous messaging around a recent SIDS study -

In an earlier issue I linked to the whole "now we know what causes SIDS thing," and in the process forgot one of my personal rules: never share a link about science you don't understand (which is all links about science, because I am not a scientist.)

If you can't take in anymore, there's a reason -

Stressful news is stressful, and we aren't really emotionally equipped to handle it. Schedule time and space to engage with what you can and don't beat yourself up.

What I learned as a hired consultant for autodidact physicists -

Really interesting article with two big takeaways (for me):

We don't know what we don't know, which creates the illusion that we know more than we do - and,

There really is an audience for every business model.

No Meetings, No Deadlines, No Full-Time Employees -

Cool article about how Gumroad works. Made me rethink some assumptions.

Tom Cruise’s Last Stand -

Is this movie...good? Because, like, this is the fourth time someone's said it was really good. Also a good article about the death of a certain kind of celebrity.

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