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Weekly Roundup: Vacation Edition!

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This Week on Better Questions


Dan's On Vacation - Here's Five Posts To Tide You Over

I'm away this week, but I've posted 5 of the very first Better Questions emails for you to check out.

Something On My Radar

Marauders, written by Gerry Duggan

I hadn't really kept with the X-Men recently -

(If you've been out of comics for a while, things have gotten very weird for mutant. They live on a giant magic island and all the dead mutants are back and Apocalypse and Magneto and Xavier are all friends and - like I said, it got weird)

- but started reading Marauders on a whim via Marvel Unlimited (a kind of Netflix-for-comic-books thing that remains one of the best bang-for-my-buck entertainment deals out there).

It's absolutely wonderful. God, it is so fun. Watching Kitty Pride kick this much butt is such a joy.

Highly Recommended.

Feelings First

This essay hit me like a ton of bricks.

"I’m just like my dad in that having all the information soothes me like nothing else. But then I realized I’m just doing the same thing I always do: trying to explain it all away. Developmental psychology, attachment theory, Jungian shadow work—anything to make it make sense. I’m happiest when I can present a theory, and say here, now I understand."

How to curate (just about) anything

The idea of "curating" a life is interesting to me. What would my sprawling, largely-ignored comic book collection look like, for example, if I "curated", rather than simply collected?

The Curious Rise of Twitter Power Broker Yashar Ali

I'm interested in power and influence, and this has both.

John Donne. Meditation 17. No man is an island... For whom the bell tolls, etc.

I'd heard the quote but never actually read the piece. It's powerful.

Keeping People Out of Jail Keeps People Out of Jail

There are solutions to some of our deepest, thorniest problems out there...often, in places we'd never think to look.

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