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What Does Being Hypnotized Feel Like?

What does being hypnotized really feel like?

Something you may be wondering is: what’s it going to feel like to be hypnotized?

If you’ve never experienced hypnosis before, it’s perfectly normal to wonder if it’s going to feel weird or scary.

The good news is that hypnosis is a perfectly natural state. You’ll be completely aware of your surroundings and everything that is said to you.

It’s also a state that you are ultimately responsible for. It’s your willingness to experiment, play, and open yourself to the process that makes it powerful—not anything the hypnotist does!

What to Expect During Hypnosis

In a typical hypnosis session, we often start with a hypnotic induction profile, a formal test to gauge how hypnotizable you are. This helps tailor the session to your unique needs. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of what you might experience:

  1. Getting Comfortable: You’ll be asked to get as comfortable as possible, which is key to relaxing into the process.
  2. Focusing Your Gaze: You’ll be instructed to look up as high as you can, past your eyebrows, and then slowly close your eyes while taking a deep breath. This initial focus helps to direct your attention inward.
  3. Imagining a Safe Space: You’ll be guided to imagine yourself floating somewhere safe and comfortable, like a bath, lake, or hot tub. This visualization helps deepen your relaxation.
  4. Physical Sensations: You might notice tingling, numbness, or lightness in your limbs. For example, you may feel a magnetic pull as your arm rises without conscious effort, feeling both heavy and relaxed.
  5. Deepening Relaxation: Each breath becomes deeper and easier, enhancing the sensation of relaxation and lightness. Your hypnotist might position your arm and give instructions that make it feel weightless, even after your eyes open.
  6. Enhanced Focus and Control: As you return from this state of concentration, you might feel incredibly relaxed, with a heightened awareness of certain sensations in your body.

Real Experiences of Hypnosis

Here’s a personal account of what being hypnotized feels like, based on a recent session:

“I felt a gentle tingling in my left hand, which spread up my arm. My body was deeply relaxed, more than I had ever felt before. My shoulders felt level for the first time, and I even forgot I had a left hand until it was mentioned. It felt like my left hand was not as much a part of me as my right hand, almost as if it was floating on its own.

When asked to compare the sensation between my right and left hands, the right felt heavier, more puppet-like, while the left felt light and buoyant. Making a fist with my left hand felt amazing, almost therapeutic. Even a chronic pain in my lower back was alleviated.

It was surprising and unusual, but in a very pleasant way. I felt cohesive and in control, able to turn these sensations on and off internally.”

This account shows how hypnosis can profoundly affect your perception and physical sensations, often leading to unexpected benefits like pain relief and increased relaxation.

The Science Behind the Experience

During hypnosis, your brain undergoes changes in connectivity and perception. For example, you might experience a disconnection between certain brain regions responsible for body awareness and those handling physical tasks. This can make your arm feel light and detached from your conscious control.

The beauty of hypnosis lies in its ability to enhance your focus and reorganize your perception, providing tools to manage stress, pain, and achieve personal goals.


Hypnosis is a powerful tool that feels natural and deeply relaxing. You remain fully aware and in control, guided by your willingness to explore and engage with the process. Whether it’s alleviating chronic pain, improving focus, or achieving personal goals, hypnosis offers a unique and effective way to enhance various aspects of your life.

I’m excited for you to experience these benefits and can’t wait to see what you achieve with this powerful tool!

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