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Write Now, Edit Later

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When I write, I try very hard not to edit.

I try not to think too much or worry too much.

Trying to weigh and measure the words as they flow from the brain to the fingertips seems to cut the flow short.

It's hard to feel and worry about how it's coming out at the same time.

It's hard to be now and in the future.

I try to save my editing for after. Once it's all out, there on the screen, done but not over.

Once it's outside of me, then I can start to see it for what it is - wonder how it'll be perceived, analyze the strength of the argument, and spot the typos (not often enough, as some of you have noted).

Editing has its time. But if you interrupt the flow, there won't be anything to edit.

Best to just get it out, for now; you can edit it later.


When I feel, I try very hard not to judge.

I try not to think too much or worry too much.

That can be hard to do. A part of my mind is always examining, always measuring. A part of me is always noting how things could be done better, more smoothly, or with more grace. Measurement can help us improve, but it can also become a tyranny.

To live well you need to live, and to live you need to experience living. Hard to do if you're always measuring or wondering if you're measuring up.

Hard to enjoy and appreciate and suffer and love if you're always cutting the flow short...worrying about how you're coming across.

Worrying if it's enough.

Worrying if it's too much.

So when I feel, I try very hard not to judge.

I try to just sink in more deeply - to feel for all it's worth. To let happy things make me happy, and let sad things make me sad.

No time to worry if it all fits the master plan. No time to wonder how it looks from the outside.

Feeling is hard enough on its own.

Judging has its time. I like to save my judgment for after. What went well? What went wrong? How did I contribute, and should something be changed? Did I live according to my values? Did I act without consideration? Was I conscious, or being swept along?

Judging has its time, but if you interrupt the flow, there won't be anything to feel. You'll be too busy watching yourself watch yourself, and you won't feel much. Just like that, the days'll slip by.

Then what?

Best to just let it in, for now. You can judge later.

Write now, edit later.

Feel now, judge later.

Editing has its time. Judging has its time.

But feel now.

While you can.



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